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Welcome to Rudra Global School

The Rudra Global School is an unaided, English medium, co-educational Institution managed by Rudra Foundation.
The Rudra Global School began in 2019, The learning progression, at RGS is extremely child-centric, relevant and challenging, promoting excellence in every sphere of a child’s development.
Rudra Global School has a state of the art infrastructure with Digital classrooms, an intra-school announcement system and a network of close circuit cameras (CCTV) to ensure round the clock safety and well being of our children.

Message To Parents

At Rudra Global School, we aim to provide a balanced education programme \that treats each child as an individual and enables him/her to achieve his/her potential and to develop skills and attitudes needed to be a successful, life-long learner.

We pride ourselves in providing ‘Happy Learning Adventures’ that allows us to celebrate our children’s mistakes, turning them into positive learning experiences for them.

We actively uphold and teach about physical and mental well being, technology, global outlook, values and cultures that affect our ‘present’ and will surely affect our ‘future’ , thus preparing our children for a world without boundaries.

We are passionate that the School’s curriculum is underpinned by the teaching of key values and opportunities for the children to develop qualities and attributes that they need to thrive as individuals and as contributing members of the society.

We promote mutual respect and tolerance for all. We aim to give them experiences that prompt awe and wonder, that trigger questions in their minds about themselves and others, and that cause them to reflect about their place in the world and beyond.
“Collaboratively, We can Create a Joyful Learning Place for Our Children !!”

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